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"Dr. Mondo has been an invaluable resource for patients and staff when it comes to his knowledge of obesity and weight loss. His compassion and sensitivity to the challenges our patients face make it easy for our patients to connect with him."
- Diana Carlson,
Managing Behavioral Educator
at The Hernried Medical Weight Loss Center
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Take the world’s only academically based psychological assessment designed to identify your ability to achieve sustained weight loss success.

  • Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and how they will impact your attempts at weight loss.
  • Uncover which stages of drastic weight loss you are likely to struggle with.
  • Find out if you are truly an emotional (comfort) eater.
  • Learn how your relationships dynamics will impact your weight loss goals.
  • Get your detailed profile instantly.
  • Based on pioneering academic research into the mindset needed to lose and keep weight off for good.
This assessment is a thorough psychological profile created in response to your answers on a detailed set of empirically measured questions. Please allow yourself approximately 20 minutes to complete the assessment and to receive your instant results.

Meet Dr.Mondo

Dr. Mondo's exclusive research with former contestants of NBC's The Biggest Loser, and his practice experience as a Licensed Therapist, has made him the leading expert on the psychology behind obesity and drastic weight loss.
Dr. Mondo’s mission is to:
  • Educate people on the common psychological and relationship changes that happen during drastic weight loss.
  • Change the conversation about obesity and drastic weight loss to address the core emotional reasons people struggle to sustain weight loss results.
  • Advocate for counseling and other forms of psychological education to become a required element of support for people before, during and after a weight loss transformation.

Dr.Mondo and The Biggest Loser

Dr. Mondo is the only weight loss therapist who has been trusted to study the Biggest Loser Contestants. Learn the secrets he dis-covered behind sustained weight loss and how the experience inspired him to become the world’s leading weight loss therapist.

The Roadmap To Weight Loss Program

Dr. Mondo Teaches you How to Rewrite your Personal Story During Weight Loss

Video Lessons

Video lessons taught by Dr. Mondo covering each of the 8 mental, emotional, and relationship stages of change you will face during your weight loss journey.

Live Office Hours
Every Week

Your opportunity to ask Dr. Mondo questions about your personal weight loss story.

and Journals

Downloadable Journals with activities, questions and action steps geared to help you identify your personal story with each of the 8 stages of drastic weight loss.

Private FaceBook

An opportunity to build a stronger support system made up of people who fight obesity and lose weight.

Roadmap to
Weight Loss

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"In order to transform our bodies we must put equal, if not greater, emphasis on transforming our minds, our identies, relationships, and our relationship with food."
- Dr. Mondo
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