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We Shouldn’t Be Surprised by the Weight Regain Stories of The Biggest Loser

May 2, 2016

Sacramento, CA— A New York Times article today revealed that most former contestants of NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ end up regaining all their weight back soon after the cameras stopped rolling. While this development may come as a surprise to viewers, Licensed Therapist and Weight Loss Expert Dr. Armando Gonzalez, or ‘Dr. Mondo,’ has been outspoken about the reality of weight regain all along.

Dr. Mondo, whose 2014 study was the first-of-its-kind to feature former contestants of The Biggest Loser, told the story of the secret psychological battles that plagued contestants’ transformations. While the study sought out to explain the common mental, emotional and relationship changes that unfolded in contestants’ lives, it also revealed the sad reality of weight regain.

“We live in a weight shaming society that only wants to talk about weight loss stories when the confetti and streamers are coming down from the ceiling,” Gonzalez said. “No one wants to talk about the fact that the majority of people end up gaining all the weight back.”  

“The real tragedy is the unacknowledged mental and emotional turmoil these contestants endured during and post weight loss that went unsupported. When you lose over a hundred pounds in a short time period your entire psychological world flips upside down. What regain tells us is that we’ve only been treating a symptom of the problem.”

The key to a successful weight loss transformation is in exploring, understanding and healing the real reasons people are stuck in patterns of comfort eating that lead to obesity. Dr. Mondo’s research established the first-of-its-kind 8-stage model explaining the psychological factors of drastic weight loss. Today Dr. Mondo’s theory is used by weight loss centers, gyms and personal trainers as part of an online program called “The Road Map to Weight Loss,” which provides assessment, education and tools to successfully navigate the changes that unfold during weight loss. Dr. Mondo has already reached out to support season 5 winner, Ali Vincent, who recently publicly announced her own weight regain. Vincent is currently enrolled in Dr. Mondo’s online program, and Dr. Mondo plans to extend the support to other former contestants who have experienced weight regain.

To learn more about Dr. Mondo and his Psychology of weight loss program, visit his website here:  http://drmondo.org/

Dr. Mondo’s YouTube video in response to the NY Times article: https://youtu.be/zla9xCPBavA

To schedule an interview with Dr. Mondo, please contact Marie Daryl at 916-743-4748. Or email: therapywitharmando@gmail.com .