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Roadmap to Weight Loss Program

“In order to achieve sustained weight loss success just like we put effort into transforming our bodies, we must put equal, if not greater emphasis on transforming our minds, our identities and relationships, including our relationship with food.” – Dr. Mondo

Research shows that 95% of people who lose a drastic amount of weight will end up gaining all the weight back in less than 5 years. The 95% often confess after gaining the weight back that they simply were too overwhelmed by all the changes that came with weight loss. They thought weight loss would fix their low self-esteem and self-worth but were terrified to find that they still struggled to love themselves even after weight loss. They weren’t expecting a stage of panic when they did not recognizing themselves in the mirror, how scary it was to go from invisible to suddenly visible in public, or to have spouses and friends sabotaging their weight loss journey.

Don’t get caught off guard by all of the unexpected stages of weight loss. Sign up for the Road Map to Weight Loss online course to learn what to expect during your journey.

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Monique’s Story: Dr. Mondo Road Map to Weight Loss Program from Dr. Mondo on Vimeo.

Through his exclusive research with NBC’s The Biggest Loser Dr. Mondo has created the groundbreaking theory of drastic weight loss that explains the 8 stages you will go through during your transformation.

Through Road Map to Weight Loss online program will:

  • Walk you through the 8 proven stages of weight loss with the field’s leading weight loss therapist and expert, Dr. Mondo.
  • Educate you on what mental and relationship changes to expect during and after weight loss.
  • Give you access to Dr. Mondo’s online assessment tool that will identify your likelihood for success by assessing which of the 8 stages you might struggle with, and which stages you are already set to succeed.
  • Teach you tools and skills to implement when you encounter each of the 8 stages of weight loss.
  • Offer a chance to participate in weekly online telecasts with Dr. Mondo where he takes your questions about the 8 stages and answers other questions that are coming up during your weight loss journey.
  • Exclusive access to Dr. Mondo’s Weight Loss library–a collection of videos, notes, worksheets and other resources designed to help you personally explore each stage in greater depth.
  • Plug you into the Dr. Mondo online weight loss community where you will gain support from other people who are going through the program while on a similar weight loss journey.

Weight loss is an incredibly difficult process that takes a ton of hard work and dedication. Don’t let it go to waste by being part of the 95% who gain the weight back.

By educating yourself on what changes to expect during weight loss and gaining tools to work through those stages, you can be part of the growing percentage of people who will keep the weight off for good!

Whether you are thinking about losing weight, in the middle of a weight loss transformation, or recently completed weight loss the Road Map for Weight Loss online program is the best way to ensure your long-term success.

Sign Up Now for the Road Map to Weight Loss program. Space is limited and fills up fast.

8 Week Class only $345

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