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Re-Negotiating Your Intimate Relationships

Re-Negotiating Your Intimate Relationships

Do you have a partner, close friend, or family member that simply does not understand your weight loss journey? Or worse yet even resists your transformation?
Has your partner began to feel threatened by the new attention your receiving during and after weight loss?
Do you sense that you need to make some changes in your close relationships in order to be keep the weight off, yet feel lost on where to begin? And scared?

Weight loss is a major life transition, and as a result, your intimate relationships go through a major season of adjustment. During that season it’s common to experience resistance from loved one’s. They may say they are supportive of your lifestyle change yet their actions tell a different story. In order to find long-term success, and to Re-Write your story during weight loss, you must learn how to renegotiate your closest relationships in order to ensure sustained success.

In this course Dr. Mondo educates, coaches and guides you through the relationship changes you will encounter during your transformation, and provides you will tools to have the difficult conversations. While weight loss brings stress to relationships it also provides a tremendous opportunity for relationships to grow and flourish. Yet, in order to see this positive change you must know how to Re-Negotiate these important relationships.

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  • All stages of weight loss: thinking about losing weight, lost weight recently, going through weight loss.
  • Average – High Scores on Dr. Mondo’s Assessment on 1 or more of the following: Comfort Eating, Beliefs About Yourself
  • Low – Average Scores on Dr. Mondo’s Assessment on 1 or more of the following: Support System, Insight & Healing Old Wounds.

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