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With Dr. Mondo's Coaching Program you Get:

  • Help to KEEP the Weight OFF for good
  • Help to STOP the Self-Sabotage
  • Help to END the hiding
  • Help to STOP feeling unworthy of greatness 

Gain the Tools to STOP Emotional (Comfort) Eating 

The Online Platform that empowers you to begin Re-Writing Your Story

Get Coached by the ONLY Therapist & Researcher that worked with NBC's The Biggest Loser 

Dr. Mondo's program is the missing link in the transformation experience. His program has empowered our members with tools to stop hiding, self-sabotaging, and believing the lies that plagued their old stories. We are so grateful for Dr. Mondo's heart and guidance. Your transformation is not complete without Re-Writing Your Story with Dr. Mondo.

LaTasha Renée 
Founder & CEO P2P Transformation Center

Dr. Mondo’s program has really given me a deep insight into a lot of issues I’ve faced with weight loss. I have been notorious for yo-yo dieting, carrying around shame, black and white thinking, and losing weight just to put it back on. I didn’t realize that I was sabotaging myself through my own personal story. I am so grateful to have gone through this program. For those of you who continue to struggle, please consider taking this program, as it's just as important to look on the inside and do some healing rather than just following a meal plan and gym regimen.

Naomi Vidal 
Results Gym Challenger

Dr. Mondo’s program truly gives you the tools necessary to help you transition into the life you want. Before the program I used to use food to stuff the emotions that I was uncomfortable with feeling. I let the depression take me over, and I was in a very dark place and was killing myself slowly with food. I let people mistreat me, cross my boundaries and do things that I now know are not ok. Through this program I have learned to love myself. I have learned that I have a voice and I do not have to apologize for using it and standing my ground.

Mandi Collins 
P2P Challenger

Dr. Mondo’s Re-Writing My Story Program provided a safe place to explore, learn, and grow. 

Victoria Glisson 
P2P Challenger

At Results Transformation Center we believe in creating an empowering fitness experience. After years of struggling with my own weight, I have always known it was about a lot more than just diet and exercise. Now with Dr. Mono's program we can offer members support that they would never find in a traditional gym. I am very pleased with the feedback we have received so far, and I am looking forward to continuing the groundbreaking work we are doing with Dr. Mondo's program.

Matt Weaver 
CEO Results Transformation Centers

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In just ONE LESSON You Will...

  1. Discover Why you Emotionally Eat for Comfort and how you can STOP the cycle now. 
  2. Get guidance on the identifying the aspects of your story that you are ready to begin re-writing: your self-esteem, your self-worth, your relationships, and life goals.
  3. Adopt the mental approach needed to keep the weight off as identified in Dr. Mondo's research with NBC's The Biggest Loser.  
  4. Plus, free bonus: Dr. Mondo's 7 Questions you MUST be asking yourself to begin Re-Writing your story TODAY.