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Comfort Eating For Self Care

Re-Writing Your Story Of Comfort Eating for Self-Care

Do you know what to eat, and how to exercise, but still struggle to do it?
Do you feel out of control, and powerless, at times in your relationship with food?
Have you gotten the sense that there’s more to your relationship with food then meets the eye?

While it’s true that the calories in/calories out equation is essential to losing weight it doesn’t begin to account for all the aspects of our relationship with food. Many of us have been trapped in cycles of eating in response to negative or uncomfortable emotions for the majority of our lives. In that process food has become our comforter, numbing agent and escape.

In this groundbreaking program Dr. Mondo takes you on a journey to explore your under the surface relationship with food. During this course you will identify your comfort eating cycle, the feelings that trigger the cycle and learn tools to interrupt the pattern and create new avenues for emotional comfort separate from food.

Is This Program Right for Me?

  • All stages of weight loss: thinking about losing weight, lost weight recently, going through weight loss.
  • Average – High Scores on Dr. Mondo’s Assessment on 1 or more of the following: Comfort Eating, Beliefs About Yourself, Black & White (All or Nothing) Thinking,
  • Low – Average Scores on Dr. Mondo’s Assessment on 1 or more of the following: Insight & Healing Old Wounds.

12 Month Access: $450

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